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Continuum Veterans Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing financial support to local and national charities that focus on helping veterans find jobs in IT. The Foundation was established in 2012 by Continuum Managed Services, directing a percentage of its corporate profits to select nonprofit veteran organizations.

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Throughout our history, Americans have come together and proudly supported our brave young men and women while they serve this country. There are untold stories about the plight of veterans who come home ready to rejoin society, but are faced with enormous challenges. Because of the great sacrifice of our U.S. military, the Continuum Veterans Foundation is dedicated to helping returning troops find jobs in the IT industry. Thanks to organizations like Hire Heroes USA, an organization dedicated to creating job opportunities for U.S. military veterans and their spouses, many are helping to make civilian job opportunities a reality.


Continuum Veterans Foundation Board of Directors

Michael George
Chairman of the Board
Michael’s 25 years of experience in leading world-class technology firms has taught him the value of strong employees. As CEO of Continuum since 2011, he knows the value in hiring veterans for IT.

Steve Royal
Board Treasurer
As Chief Financial Officer of Continuum, leading financial and HR operations of the company, Steve knows it’s important to stand for a higher purpose – something greater than the corporate enterprise.

Mark Connolly
VP of Sales at Continuum Managed Services since 2011, driving revenue growth and direction for sales, Mark believes it’s important to give back by giving veterans preferential treatment in hiring.

Robert Kocis
Continuum's CRO and 1991 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy graduate, Robert Kocis has 20 years of sales leadership experience and believes our veterans bring incredible value to the needs of today's workforce. From 1988-89, Robert was a midshipman aboard U.S. Military Prepositioning Ships in Diego Garcia.

William McHale
A U.S. Navy Veteran, William McHale has decades of experience in CEO and board member roles. He is chairman of the board at Masternaut, one of Europe’s largest telematics solutions providers.
Veteran Voices
"All service people should look into a company that supports veterans as much as Continuum does. It is great to be a part of something, just like it was great to be a part of the service and feel that bond with everybody. If you can find that bond in a company, you are guaranteed to succeed in whatever you do outside of the service."
Matt Tardivo, Continuum
United States Army
"Continuum is not just looking at the bottom line, it shows they are not just in it for profit, they are in it for the people, the employees, the partners, for the service that they provide. How many organizations will actually pay for their employees to do volunteer time? It just doesn’t happen. It really speaks volumes about Continuum."
Roger Huba, Fidelis Communications
United States Army
United States Navy
"Continuum is already doing great things. Continuum has done more for veterans than I have seen any other company do. Its absolutely fantastic and they keep doing more. I’m excited to be a part of Continuum and I’m proud to be a veteran and be working here to continue to make our drive to get more veterans in the door."
Josh Denton, Continuum
United States Army

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